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Received and planted and they looked great.  The Georgian Crystals were huge.  Hope you have received your check and thanks again.

Your garlic looks great, as always, I can’t wait to start cooking with it!  Your roots look so healthy and clean, how do you get them so clean?

Thank you Ryan
Love the garlic!!! Planted some this past Saturday.
Frances here from the Honeysuckle Tea House & Gardens in Chapel Hill, NC. We ordered and planted your Georgian Crystal Garlic
and I just wanted to tell you how beautiful it is. We put about 4″ of mulch on top of it after we planted and it is well over 4″ tall over the mulch already! Thank you for all your good help and for growing and selling such vital garlic!

Certified Organic Garlic Farm with Seed for Sale

garlic farm seed saleMarvelous Roots is a small certified organic garlic farm that offers seed for sale from June through November.  This is our second year offering our garlic online. Last years harvest was successful and the positive feedback from our new customers made all the hard work worthwhile. Our garlic is tucked away for the winter and we are looking forward to watching it come up again this spring. Last year we offered 7 varieties of hardneck  garlic, 1 softneck (Thermadrone) and 2 kinds of shallots. For 2014 we will have new varieties to offer. Check with us early to reserve your garlic, as we sell out fast.

We farm organically and sustainably. We live on a working ranch that has been certified organic for over 20 years. My mother and father-in-law paved the way for my wife and I, making it easy to be organic and preserving clean food for generations. This is our second year selling our garlic online. All of which is grown right here on our farm, ensuring that you receive the highest quality possible. Due to our smaller size we have great customer service and quick turn-around times on our shipping and handling. Upon purchase, you should receive your garlic withing 3 to 4 days.

Varieties That We Sell

Organic gourmet garlic seed is made available to local stores, farmers markets, and online. Our nutrient dense soil and cold winters allow us to grow a nice selection of hardneck varieties. Now we are experimenting with different softnecks and are happy to see good results. Every year we should have new varieties available. Here’s what is available for 2014:


The largest and best quality bulbs are sold as seed on our online store. If you would like larger quantities of garlic seed please feel free to call or scroll down and send us a message through the contact form.


Around the Farm

This year will be an exciting year for us here at Marvelous Roots. We have decided to take a step back from the farmers markets and focus more on our garlic crop and putting up a year’s supply of food for ourselves. You can only be good at so many things and if we had to pick one it would be growing garlic. After a few trips to grocery store, putting up our own food seems like good business plan in itself. Many farmers and ranchers don’t have time to put up the food they grow. We thought we’d give it a try. So, keep checking in to our blog, about the trials and tribulations of a couple of modern day homesteaders.


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Amazing All Around Garlic

Purple Glazer

An outstanding garlic that grows well in most climates. It has a rich flavor and is excellent for roasting.

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